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E-commerce live-streaming blew up in the last couple of years, flooding the market with tens of thousands of wanna-be influencers. But in this oversaturated market, its hard to standout. Sometimes trying too hard to stand-out can even backfire, like in the case of Austin Lee’s “non-stick pan live streaming, and John Romero’s Valentine’s day Livestreaming, which dropped their follower counts, and damaged potential future brand deals.

Many live-streamers are looking for ways to stand out, like elaborate green screen backgrounds, or flashy effects on the screen, but even with all that, its still limited. Thats why there’s a growing interest in the R&D of VR livestreaming solutions, allowing creators and influencers to stream their entire room, and have a lot more customizability to stand out, and immerse their fans with their world.



VR live streaming was in development for several years now, but due to bandwidth limitations, and high latency, it wasn」t possible. Until 5G came along and changed everything. Promising high bandwidth, and low latency. Thanks to 5G, internet celebrities can now stream up to 16K VR content, and it is applicable to a variety of content categories from news broadcasts, to live events, and even VR only events.

FXG & MI7 自主研发8K相机,VR直播拭目以待!



360 live broadcasts brings a whole new level of immersion to influencers and marketers, allowing them to take their viewers on full tours of their shops, and have everything on display! They even allow viewers to directly interact with items in their FOV, and directlhy buy items from the broadcast


A new wave of haptic feedback peripherals is also on the work, which will allow customers to feel the textrue, weight, sieze and other physical aspects of products.

(卡内基梅隆大学研究团队开发的“ Wireality ”触感设备)


We’ve all seen the 『on taobao VS reality』 memes, and probably even experienced it yourself once or twice. Clever marketers can use fancy photography and Photoshop to upsell low quality products, but with real time interaction, and haptic feedback, they might find it harder to scam online buyers


Not to mention, the world has been scarred by the covid-19 pandemic. And it is unlikely that we will go back to 『normal』 shopping anytime soon. So there has never been a greater time for virtual shopping and VR live streams to come along.


Tokyo Medical University is already ahead of the world in this, as they have already built a VR & 5G powered operations room. Featuring an 8K camera capable of broadcasting high-definition live VR video to allow for immersive remote training for medical students.

在杭州,西顾携手中国移动,打造“5G远程绿色急救通道”,提供5G VR直播医疗解决方案,为急救患者充分利用黄金4分钟,蓄力生命值。


In Hangzhou, China. FXG worked with China mobile to launch the world」s first 5G powered ambulance. With a high-definition camera broadcasting whats happening in the emergency car, and a whole suite of sensors of body functions. This is fed directly to the hospital, where doctors can tap in, monitor, and even remotely interact with the patient using a remote powered ARM with an ultrasonic scanner.



打造日本虚拟动漫形象绊爱(Kizuna AI)的企业Activ8为加速XR内容业务发展,正在开发直播项目,旨在建立一个表演空间,让虚拟人才能够比以往任何时候都更能展示他们的吸引力,并提供一个可以加深与粉丝交流的空间。

Active8, developers behind Kizuna AI are accelerating their XR projects, and working on a live XR broadcasting solution for artists to perform in the cloud, and interact more directly with their fans.

(微博@Kizuna_AI绊爱 )



FXG has been on the forefront of VR filming & broadcasting technology. Developing both hardware, and software to enable high-definition VR video streaming. 

( LAB6发布会现场)


And master artist Baiwei is working with FXG’s videographers to capture the world in 3D high definition 360 video




The market is saturated with streamers and influences, and they’re all using the same medium to convey their messages. Maybe some more creatively than others. But no one can deny that it is time for a new, more immersive medium, and the first influences that jump on this train will shape what comes next.


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