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The UK would rather delay the adoption of 5G for 2-3 years rather than to use Huawei equipment to build base stations. On the other side, Donald Trump has admitted to persuading other countries to stop using Huawei.

Although it is regrettable that Huawei was politicized in the UK, it can be seen that Huawei has achieved the world-leading level in 5G. With the establishment of 5G base stations around the world, the application of XR in all walks of life is expanding, and multinational and transcontinental conferences and entertainment are becoming more and more accessible.




The manufacturing industry and more are actively looking for the possibility of XR applications, hoping to use technology to cut costs and expenses, and be in an invincible position amongst numerous enterprises.

Earlier, Oculus, PSVR and other products have opened the door for the VR market, and practicality is the next item that needs to be tested.

The application of XR in the manufacturing industry shows its practicality.


Hitachi and Microsoft Japan have established a strategic alliance to jointly build solutions for the next generation of digital services. As a global top 500 comprehensive multinational group, Hitachi’s business scope covers various fields such as power, energy, industry, urban construction, health, etc. Affected by Covid-19, Hitachi urgently needs remote system maintenance, equipment automation, and labor cost-saving.

日立与微软的合作方案中,日立将把其Lumada解决方案和IoT控制器HX系列与微软云平台整合,在MR技术协助下,利用Azure、Dynamics 365和Microsoft 365帮助企业提高生产力和运营效率。

In the cooperation , Hitachi will integrate its Lumada (Internet of Things Core Platform) solution and IoT controller HX series with the Microsoft cloud platform. With the assistance of MR technology, it will use Azure, Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365 to help enterprises improve Productivity and operational efficiency.


01 提高生产效率:

利用日立数字化供应链和Azure IoT分析从生产现场收集的数据,利用可视化生产流程并对其进行分析,优化工厂运营,提高生产效率。

01 Improving production efficiency:

Hitachi’s digital supply chain and Azure IoT can analyze the data collected from the production site, while the visual production process can analyze it to optimize plant operations and improve production efficiency.

02 数据分析优化物流:

分析交通、仓储和配送位置,提高物流效率,降低运营成本;通过Azure Maps和日立物流、日立配送优化服务数字解决方案等先进数字技术,实现智能路由选择,节省里程,以及更快交付。

02 Data analysis to optimize logistics:

Analyzation of location of transportation, warehousing and distribution, can improve logistical efficiency, and reduce operating costs; using advanced digital technologies such as Azure Maps and Hitachi Logistics, and Hitachi Distribution Optimization Service Digital Solutions to achieve intelligent routing, save miles, and deliver faster.

03 预测维护和远程协助:

利用MR设备HoloLens 2,Dynamics 365远程协助以及其他智能设备,为一线工人提供预测维护、实时远程协助和远程培训服务。

03 Predictive maintenance and remote assistance:

Using MR equipment HoloLens 2, Dynamics 365 remote assistance and other smart devices, it provides predictive maintenance, real-time remote assistance and remote training services for frontline workers.

Lumada连接网络空间和物理空间,MR设备HoloLens 2则融合虚拟数据与物理实体,日立与微软的合作帮助客户加速数字化转型,同时在社会、环境和经济方面创造价值;也为制造业和物流公司创造新的机会,凭借着数据驱动型体系及能力,持续引领行业发展。

Lumada can connect cyberspace and physical space, MR device HoloLens 2 integrates virtual data and physical entities, and Hitachi and Microsoft cooperate to help customers accelerate digital transformation while creating value in social, environmental and economic aspects; also for manufacturing and logistics, the company creates new opportunities and continues to lead the industry with its data-driven systems and capabilities.




Hitachi also partnered with Virtualware to develop a virtual job simulator for workers in fuel delivery operations.

Fuel movement is a high-risk job. The process is complex and requires high skill levels. It requires top-level professional training. The virtual job simulator in VR provides trainees to operate and practice dangerous work in a safe environment, greatly reducing various risks and costs for enterprises and employees.



FXG established a VR knowledge and skills training solution for industrial operation training and set up a dedicated employee training program for GE. GE has a large number of employees, which consumes time and training costs using traditional training methods. FXG’s VR training solution saves them about 10,000 yuan per person in training expenses.


Through the real shooting and operation analysis of the workshop environment, the trained employees can feel the real working atmosphere, adapt to work changes and operation updates in advance, reduce the error rate, and also reduce the waste of items and resources in training.



US automaker Ford Motor Company began using VR technology to connect designers with virtual studios, thereby carrying out remote car design collaboration. The 3D visualization in VR is convenient for intuitive design, and it is also more convenient for design modification communication.




Canadian AR startup Librestream designed and expanded the AR platform to help field workers work more widely.

The operator can check the condition of the manufacturing equipment through AR glasses, while opening both of their hands in realtime to check. If you find an anomaly, you can even talk to a remote expert on the spot, share what you are viewing or write feedback on the screen.


Alpha Code创建了“360VR林业安全教育”,受训者可以在其中使用11K真人VR体验林业培训。通过佩戴头显设备,体验林业危险事件,如锯木时如何规范操作以防止伤害到他人、抑或是调整操作角度,让树木安全倒下。


Alpha Code created the “360VR Forestry Safety Education “, where trainees can use 11K live VR to experience forestry training. By wearing a headset, you can experience forestry hazards, such as how to standardize operations when sawing wood to prevent injury to others, or adjust the operating angle to allow trees to fall safely.

By using integrated VR equipment, trainees can repeat training without time and place restrictions.


Imma Create和神户钢铁集团Shinko Engineering&Maintenance 共同开发了焊接VR培训,使初学者可以通过使用3D模型来熟练操作流程。


Imma Create and Kobe Steel Group Shinko Engineering & Maintenance jointly developed welding VR training, which enables beginners to use 3D models to master the workflow.

Their solution also divided the target staff into practical skill groups and VR groups, and compared and verified the growth rate of each group. In the VR group, there is almost no change in the evaluation score, and since everyone can reach a certain level and the learning speed is improved, the learning efficiency beyond the actual skills can be confirmed.



XR virtual simulation application and visualization enable the industrial industry to obtain new opportunities and new developments in the age of information, while helping enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency, and complete digital transformation.

In addition to the enterprise itself, VR is used in the industrial industry, which has greatly reduced noise and water pollution, and the consumption of materials and equipment has also been reduced one after another, which is an effective way for the future of ecological sustainable development.


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